Schedule – RBF Call for Proposals


Date Activity
4th Jan to 26th Jan 2021 Call for Proposals – Submission of Concept Notes
27th Jan 2021 (12 pm) Last day for submission of Concept Notes
28th Jan to 15th Feb 2021 Screening by RBF Secretariat issues for Concept Notes
16th February 2021 Announcement of Shortlisted SMEs – Concept Note Stage
16th March 2021 (12 pm) Deadline for the submission of Full Proposals by Shortlisted SMEs
9th April 2021 RBF Secretariat submits Appraisal Notes to Board of RBF
10th April to 23rd April 2021 Assessment by Board of RBF and approval of Grant Support to

selected SMEs

30th April 2021 Grant Approvals (e-mails) sent to selected SMEs along with draft Grant Agreements
3rd May to 15th June 2021 Grant Agreements signed between RBF Secretariat and selected SMEs
31st May 2022 Last date for disbursement by RBF to Grantees or Suppliers